Using the Java Documentation

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Using the Java Documentation

Using the Java Documentation

Sun provides extensive documentation of the API (library of available classes). The documentation for version 6 is available at

If you view that page, you will see a list of classes on the left as hyperlinks. Clicking a class name will bring up the documentation for that class on the right.

For example, click on System. The page on the right contains documentation on the elements of the class, categorized by type of element (there are links at the top for fields, constructors, methods, etc.).

Try to locate the out field - note that the field types, parameter types and return types are hyperlinked, and that out is a PrintStream. Click that, and find the println methods in a table with short descriptions. Select one to see the detailed description. The multiple versions are an example of method overloading, which we will cover in an upcoming lesson. Another lesson will cover documenting your own classes with the same tool that created this documentation.

In this lesson, you have learned: