Useful Stuff Necessary to Go Further

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Useful Stuff Necessary to Go Further

Useful Stuff Necessary to Go Further


In order to see something happen, we need to be able to print to the screen.

There is a System class that is automatically available when your program runs (everything in it is static).

  • it contains, among other things, input and output streams that match stdin, stdout, and stderr (standard output, standard input, and standard error).

System.out is a static reference to the standard output stream.

As an object, System.out contains a println(String) method that accepts a String object, and prints that text to the screen, ending with a newline (linefeed).

  • There is also a print(String) method that does not place a newline at the end.

You can print a String directly, or you can build one from pieces.

  • It is worth noting that a String will automatically be created from a quote-delimited series of characters.
  • Values can be appended to a String by using the + sign; if one item is a String or quote-delimited series of characters, then the rest can be any other type of data.