Conventions in These Notes

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Conventions in These Notes

Conventions in These Notes

Code is listed in a monospace font, both for code examples and for Java keywords mentioned in the text.

The standard Java convention for names is used:

  • Class names are listed with an initial uppercase letter.
  • Variable and function names are listed with an initial lowercase letter.
  • The first letters of inner words are capitalized (e.g., maxValue).

For syntax definitions:

  • Terms you must use as is are listed in normal monospace type.
  • Terms that you must substitute for, either one of a set of allowable values, or a name of your own, or code, listed in italics.
  • The following generic terms are used - you must substitute an appropriate term.
Generic Terms Substitution Options
access An access word from: public, protected, private, or it can be omitted
modifiers one or more terms that modify a declaration; these include the access terms as well as terms like: static, transient, or volatile
dataType A data type word; this can be a primitive, such as int, or the name of a class, such as Object; variants of this include: returnType and paramType
variableName The name of a variable; variants on this include paramName and functionName
ClassName The name of a class; there will be variants of this used for different types of examples, such as: BaseClassName, DerivedClassName, InterfaceName, and ExceptionClassName
code Executable code goes here
. . . In an example, omitted code not related to the topic