Game-Arrays01: A Guessing Game with Random Messages - Exercise

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Game-Arrays01: A Guessing Game with Random Messages - Exercise

Game-Arrays01: A Guessing Game with Random Messages

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(Optional - if time permits)

  1. Modify your guessing game program to hold an array of several different String messages, all of which have some form of message for "Correct".
  2. Generate a random number in the range from 0 to the size of the array.
  3. Use this value to select one message to print when they guess correctly.
  4. Continue this approach for "Too Low" and "Too High".
import util.*;
import java.util.*;

public class Game {
	private int answer = 67;
	private static String [] correctMessages = 
			{ "Correct", "Right on!", "Most Excellent!" };
	private static String [] lowMessages = 
			{ "Too low", "Try higher next time" };
	private static String [] highMessages = 
			{ "Too high", "Try lower next time" };
	public Game() {
		Random r = new Random();
		answer = r.nextInt(100) + 1;
	public void play() {
		int guess;
		Random r = new Random();
		do {
			guess = KeyboardReader.getPromptedInt("Enter a number 1 -100: ");
			if (guess < answer) 
			else if (guess > answer) 
		} while (guess != answer);
	public static void main(String[] args) {
		char playAgain = 'Y';
		do {
			new Game().play();
			playAgain = KeyboardReader.getPromptedChar("Play again (y/n)?: ");
		} while (playAgain == 'Y' || playAgain == 'y');				

There are three arrays of messages; note that they are not all the same size. The code to handle too high, too low, and correct generates a random number between 0 and the appropriate array's length, by using the Random object's nextInt method, and passing the length of the array.