HTML5 Forms

The promise of HTML5 forms is great - richer, more meaningful, and backward-compatible forms that are consistent across browsers and include built-in client-side validation (read, no need for JavaScript for form validation).

The current reality is that, while no browser (with the exception of iOS's Safari on iPhone) offers full support for all HTML5 form features, recent versions of all browsers do offer considerable implementation of new features. There are many things you can do now to take advantage of new features without causing any harm in the non-supporting browsers.

So let's dig in and learn how to use the new HTML5 form features.

Welcome to our free HTML5 tutorial. This tutorial is based on Webucator's HTML5 Training for Web Developers course.

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Lesson Goals
  • Learn about Modernizr, the JavaScript library for testing for HTML5 support.
  • Learn about HTML5's new form fields and attributes.
  • Learn about new types of inputs in HTML5.
  • Learn about built-in HTML5 form validation.
  • Learn about the new HTML5 output, progress and meter elements.