Formatting Elements

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Formatting Elements

HTML 4 Formatting Elements

In HTML 4 and XHTML, most formatting tags have been deprecated. The five that remained are shown in the table below. But in HTML5, none of these are considered formatting elements anymore.

Non-deprecated Formatting Tags (in HTML 4.0)
Tag Description HTML5 Notes
<b> Bolds text For "text to be stylistically offset from the normal prose without conveying any extra importance" (see reference)
<i> Italicizes text For "text in an alternate voice or mood" (see reference)
<tt> Renders teletype text Deprecated in HTML5.
<big> Increases font size Deprecated in HTML5.
<small> Decreases font size For "side comments and small print" (see reference)

The example below shows how they are used:

Code Sample:

<meta charset="UTF-8">
<title>Non-deprecated formatting tags</title>
<h1>Non-deprecated formatting tags</h1>
	<big>Big font</big>
	<small>Small font</small>

The page is rendered as follows:Page Rendered in Firefox

All of these effects can be created with CSS, so if you just want to change the formatting without implying any specific meaning, you should use CSS instead.