Documenting Changes

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Documenting Changes

Documenting Changes

Sometimes it is necessary to document changes in your HTML pages. This is especially common when drafting legal documents. The specification provides <ins> and <del> elements for documenting inserted and deleted content, respectively. Both elements take a cite attribute for pointing to a resource explaining the change and a datetime attribute for indicating the time and date of the change. The title attribute can also be used to indicate a short reason for the change. The example below shows how they are used:

Code Sample:

<html lang="en">
<meta charset="UTF-8">
<title>Change Tracking</title>
<h1>Change Tracking</h1>
<p>The baseball player with the most home runs is <del datetime="2015-08-01" cite="" title="Not anymore">Hank Aaron</del><ins datetime="2015-08-07" cite="" title="Steroids?">Barry Bonds</ins>.</p>

Code Explanation

The page is rendered as follows. The title text shows up when the user hovers the mouse over the text "Hank Aaron.":Change Tracking Page Result