Traffic Sources Report Demystified

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Traffic Sources Report Demystified

Traffic Sources Report Demystified

Introduction to the Traffic Sources Report

This category of reports provides you with information about the origin of your traffic.

These reports can help you understand the following:

  1. Where the traffic to your website is coming from.
  2. Which are your top referrals.
  3. Which keywords are bringing visitors to your website. This information could be leveraged for marketing and SEO purposes.

The following screen shot represents the overview report which acts like a default home page from this category of reports.

You will see that it represents a quick summary of important stats such as top traffic sources and top keywords which sent most of the traffic to your website.

Traffic Sources Report

As shown in the above screen shot the Traffic Sources Overview report has the following main elements:

  1. Total traffic classified by four main source categories: Direct, Search Engine, Referral, and Campaigns.
  2. By default, the top keywords arranged in descending order based on the number of visits they generated. Note that you can also "quick-click" to a few other reports, such as: Source and Landing Pages.

Exploring the Direct Traffic Report

Direct Traffic refers to those visitors who come directly to your site either by typing your web address or by selecting your site from their favorites menu.

The following screen shot shows a standard Direct Traffic report.

Direct Traffic Report

Exploring the Search Report

The Search report is an excellent way to tell how well your organic ranking efforts are working and how effective your paid listings are. This group of report includes an Overview Report, and then reports to break down your organic traffic and paid traffic, repspectively.

The following screen shot is an example of the Organic report, specifically looking at sources. In this example, you can see that Google is sending the most traffic to this website.

Search Engine Report

Exploring the Keywords Traffic Report

The keywords traffic report is an excellent source for identifying brand association and evaluating the effectiveness of your search engine optimization efforts.

The following screen shot is an example of the Keywords report, found within the Organic report. You will notice that most of the traffic is from "not-provided." Unfortunately, Google has recently added in a new secure browsing feature. So, anyone logged into any Google propety (Gmail, YouTube, Blogger, etc.). Anyone who is not logged in, will still show their search terms. In the screen shot below, you'll notice "Webucator" is the most popular known keyword used.

Keywords Report