Content Reports

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Content Reports

Content Reports

Reports in this category enable you to find out how visitors use the content on your website and whether your content is well placed on your website.

The reports in this section can also help in understanding the navigational behavior of visitors. Let's briefly look at the Overview Report.

Content Report

Note the section of special reports which enables you to dig deeper into analysis.

Notice the ability to "quick-click" over to other content related reports from this view as well.

Exploring the Pages Report with Advanced In-line Filters

Knowing which pages are popular on your site and how they are used is an obviously helpful metric. The Pages report provides this information.

In the following screen shot you can see that the homepage of this website happens to be the top content page and receives the highest number of visits, followed by the help web page (where students login). Advanced in-line filters are very helpful in deciphering information available in this report.

Top Content Report

Advanced in-line filters allow you to see web pages belonging to certain categories and to apply numerous conditions to slice-and-dice the data the way you want it. Here is an example of the advanced in-line filter:

Top Content Report

In the above screen shot you can see that different conditions can be applied on the available metrics and dimensions. The above conditions will display web pages which contain SQL in the URL structure, along with pageviews greater than or equal to 10 and the bounce rate less than 70%.

Exploring the Landing Pages Report

This report shows the number of times visitors entered your page through a specific page and how often they bounced right back off. Landing Pages are the pages from where visitors started their journey on your website. The following is an example of the Top Landing Pages report in Google Analytics. Notice that the graph is showing number of Entrances.

Landing Pages Report

Exploring the Top Exit Pages Report

This report helps you to understand from what pages visitors are leaving your site. In the following example, you can see that the homepage of this website also happens to be the top exit page. This report can be leveraged to analyze which pages are leaking traffic on your website.

Top Exit Pages Report

You should check top exit pages report to make sure that the gateway pages on your website do not have high exit rates.

In-Page Analytics in Google Analytics

Google Analytics can also be used for understanding users' navigation patterns, though this feature is limited to individual pages only. The following example shows how the In-Page Analytics report displays in Google Analytics.

Special Report

From the above report, you can see where visitors clicked on your website. You can also click through each page within your website, and then see where visitors clicked on those pages as well. This is a great report to see which content on each webpage is most popular for visitors.