Application of the Location Report - Exercise

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Application of the Location Report - Exercise

Application of the Location Report

Duration: 15 to 20 minutes.
  1. Executives at your company would like to identify promising regional markets to expand the company's business activities. Choose the appropriate report and write down the geographic regions which are desirable for business expansion.


Identify promising regional markets in which to expand your company's business activities:

  1. Select web property to work on.
  2. From the report navigational panel select the Demographics category.
  3. Select the subcategory as Location. Note your observation about the countries which are sending the most traffic to your site.
  4. For this exercise, select United States as the country/territory. Note the different states within the USA which are sending a high volume of traffic.
  5. Use the Detail Level drop down menu and select the item City to identify particular cities from which you have received heavy traffic.
  6. Using the report visualization control panel, select the Pivot Table option.
  7. Using the drop down menu set the Pivot By field to Visitor Type.
  8. Use the drop down menu to add the Bounce Rate metric, which allows you to see the quality of the traffic.
  9. Use the date range to compare the data set with the previous month or previous quarter. This allows you to see the trend.

Information obtained via reports can help you to make an informed decision for targeted market expansion.