Access Management - Exercise

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Access Management - Exercise

Access Management

Duration: 15 to 20 minutes.

Your company has decided to do an online marketing campaign and has hired an external online marketing firm. The new marketing firm has asked for access to your Google Analytics data. You want to provide access to only certain reports within Google Analytics which may be relevant to this marketing firm. Please implement this task in your Google Analytics account.


Here are the steps you need to take to allow external firms to Access Google Analytics data:

  1. Load the profile to grant access to.
  2. Follow the steps illustrated in the section named Granting Access to Users.
  3. Use any Gmail username to represent an external marketing firm. Feel free to use .
  4. Assign the User role to the user from the external firm.

Note: In a real life situation, you would apply filters to this profile such that only those reports useful for marketing initiatives will be available in this profile. You will learn about filters later in the course.