Monetizing Goals Exercise - Exercise

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Monetizing Goals Exercise - Exercise

Monetizing Goals Exercise

Duration: 10 to 15 minutes.

Assume that is a non Ecommerce website. Develop a goal to measure sales leads generated on Apply a monetary value to every sales lead obtained via this website.


  1. From your Google Analytics Settings page, first select the appropriate account (e.g. RemoteCourse) and then select a profile for which you wish to create a goal. Click on Edit in the actions column to edit the profile settings.
  2. Click on the +Goal tab and you will be taken to the Goal Settings page.
  3. Provide a relevant Goal Name, (e.g Sales Leads). Select the Goal Position, (e.g Set1, Goal1) and choose your Goal Type as URL Destination.
  4. In the Goal Details section, select the Match Type as Exact Match and copy-paste an appropriate URL into the Goal URL field.
  5. Select the Case Sensitive option to match the capitalization of your goal URL.
  6. To assign a goal value, let us assume that the average order value from a sales lead is $200 and Webucator is able to close 20% of their sales leads.
  7. Under these assumptions, the goal value will be 20% of 200 = $ 40.
  8. Click on Save Goal to complete the goal creation process.