Introduction to Goals

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Introduction to Goals

Introduction to Goals

What Is a Goal in Google Analytics?

A goal can be any activity on your website that is important to the success of your business. For simplicity, a web page which displays a confirmation for submitting an order could act as a goal.

Each time a visitor meets a particular criteria, a goal is recorded. During a single session, a goal can only be counted once.

When and Why to Use Goals

Goals help to distill data into performance benchmarks. Here are some drivers for using goals in Google Analytics:

  1. To assess how well your website meets your business objectives.
  2. To estimate revenue for a non Ecommerce website.
  3. To find out how many visitors are becoming customers.

Goal Types

Goal Type Explanation Usage/Examples
URL Destination A goal is recorded when a visitor views the specified page on your site. Order completion page.
Time on Site Goal will be counted when a visitor spends more or less time on your site than the predefined threshold. Measure of stickiness, to verify if a particular page is engaging enough. Useful for web portals.
Pages/Visit Goal will be counted when a visitor views more or fewer pages than the threshold. To verify depth of the visit. Useful for content websites.