Keyword Brainstorming - Exercise

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Keyword Brainstorming - Exercise

Keyword Brainstorming

Duration: 25 to 30 minutes.

Develop keyword strategies and then build keywords lists for the following businesses:

  1. A catering company in the Central New York region which is known for its customized menu items and variety of food options (vegeterian, vegan, etc.).You want to develop a marketing campaign to promote the company's core competencies for different types of catering events.
  2. A bike store in Arlington, VA which has highly qualified staff to provide guidance to any type of biker. You want to promote that service and attract new customers.
  3. An online electronic store which sells electronic items nationwide at substantial discounts as compared to retail stores. You want to boost the sales for TVs, home theater systems, and video game systems via an online marketing campaign.
  4. You should also spend some time now thinking about your own business, and what keywords you might choose.
  1. First build a high-level keyword list in Excel. Use the course points discussed in the section named Building Keyword Strategy (e.g., brand association, possible queries, different themes).
  2. Once you have a high-level list of keywords ready, use the Google Keyword tool to expand your keyword list and discover some new keywords.