Building Keyword Strategy

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Building Keyword Strategy

Building Keyword Strategy

Keywords form the core of your ad campaign. They set the entire advertising process in motion. Thus, building a strong keyword strategy is a vital process. Here is a guideline for building your keyword strategy:

  1. Product/brand association: Understand the correlation between products/services which you offer and how others will associate with them (e.g., bleach as in product vs. bleach as the Japanese cartoon series). Good keywords should accurately map your products and services with your ideal customer profile.
  2. Read your prospect's mind: Keywords are your customers' intentions expressed in their own words. Find keywords which will answer your customer's queries (e.g., if you are a plumber then you might want your ad to show up for keywords such as basement flooding, low shower pressure, etc.).
  3. Organize your keywords into buckets: Before looking for actual keywords, identify different themes for your keywords. Each theme could represent a variation of your focus.

Note: Keywords are not case sensitive and you can have a maximum of 50,000 active keywords.