Marketing Plan 101

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Marketing Plan 101

Marketing Plan 101

Consider the following points before you start your online marketing campaign:

Differentiate Your Services

Identify what makes your products/services unique.

4Ps of Marketing

  1. Product/Services: functionality, brand, etc.
  2. Price: discount, bundling. etc.
  3. Promotions: call to action, compelling reasons to buy your products.
  4. Place: distribution, where do you want to market.

Target and Segment Your Audiences

First identify your audience on a global scale and then decide if you want to focus on a particular segment.

Understand Your Customers Pain Points

Think in terms of your customers' pain points and how your product/services is going to solve your customers' problems (e.g., instead of saying "'rapid weight loss program" in your marketing message it will be more effective if you say "Get in shape for your wedding in a week").