Access Management

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Access Management

Access Management

AdWords offers different levels of account access to help you share access to your account with others while protecting your information.

Use the following steps to grant access to an external user:

  1. Within your AdWords account click on the gear icon, Account settings tab.
  2. Click the Account Access menu.
  3. Enter an email address for another user.
  4. It is recommended that you provide the name (optional), since it is easier to identify a person by name than an email address.
  5. Choose the access level (e.g., administrative, standard, read only, or emails only)

AdWords Access

Here are the different access privileges available within Google AdWords:

  1. Administrative: highest level of access, complete access of your account.
  2. Standard: access to most account features.
  3. Read only: can view and run reports.
  4. Emails only: can receive email reports only.