Introduction to AdWords Reports in Google Analytics

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Introduction to AdWords Reports in Google Analytics

Introduction to AdWords Reports in Google Analytics

AdWords Reports in Google Analytics convert raw data into presentable information. In addition, Google Analytics provides an interactive segmentation which enables you to reorganize the data on the fly.

Overview of Report Structure

AdWords impression cost, position, and click-through data are fetched from your Adwords account once per day.

Report Name Explanation
AdWords Campaigns Campaign level information. Helps in analyzing the traffic coming from each campaign.
Keyword Positions Indicates position of your AdWords ad when the visitor clicked it.
T.V Campaigns Allows you to view and compare Google TV Ads campaign metrics with regular Web site metrics.
Keywords (Beta) Allows you to analyze the correlation between bid terms and search terms.

AdWords Campaigns Report

Organization of data in this report directly reflects your AdWords account structure. This report is fully interactive; i.e., you can use dimensions/subdimensions, etc. for slicing and dicing your data. For each specific campaign you can analyze its performance in number of ways. For example, you can

  1. Compare the site usage (visits, pages/visit, etc) with respect to regular site traffic.
  2. Review the correlation between various site goals
  3. Study the impact on ecommerce activities (transactions, revenue, etc.).

Linking GA to AdWords

In the above screen shot, notice that the campaign data is segmented using Visitor Type (i.e., based on New or Returning Visitors). We will discuss other reports during the course.