Using the Flash Drawing Tools to Create Shapes - Exercise

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Using the Flash Drawing Tools to Create Shapes - Exercise

Using the Flash Drawing Tools to Create Shapes

Duration: 20 to 25 minutes.

In this exercise you will learn to use the drawing tools to create common shapes which can be molded and stretched to create interesting looking art, even if you are not an artist. When completed, you will build a tree that might look like ours (shown below). Of course, yours might turn out very differently, and that is just fine, make sure you focus on the feel of the tools, not the final outcome.

Feel free to be creative! You may decide to use your tree in a logo you will create later.

Drawing the Trunk

  1. Open DrawingTools/exercises/tree.fla.
  2. 2. You will use the Brush Tool to draw the left and right sides of the trunk. First, select the Brush Tool ( ). Set the brush shape to round ( ). Select a fill color for the trunk. We used (#999900). Draw one side and then the other by clicking and dragging the mouse. (If you do not like your shape, you may "undo" at any time.)
  3. Continue using the Brush tool to fill in the trunk and add a few branches.
  4. Again using the Brush Tool, you could add a hole to the tree. Change the fill color to black and draw the hole.
  5. Add additional enhancements until you are satisfied. You may add a vertical line to show texture on the trunk.

    Drawing the Top of the Tree:

  6. One way to draw branches is to just take a green oval and mash it up into an odd shaped blob which will be repeated a number of times. Each of the repeated shapes may be different shades of green, may be stretched differently and may be larger or smaller.
  7. Draw a green oval (like the one on the left). We used color #006633. Copy and paste it near the original. Change the shape of the original in any way you like. Now, copy the new shape and paste 5 to 10 additional copies. Each one can be changed and positioned as you desire.
  8. When completed, it might look something like this:

If you are done early...

  • Add additional trees or other objects in other parts of the stage.
  • Move any additional objects you create to new layers.