Demo: Using the Drawing Tools

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Demo: Using the Drawing Tools

Demo: Using the Drawing Tools

The following demo is saved as DrawingTools/demos/Bird.fla.

This demo will show how to build a bird by using and stretching common shapes. Make sure to check the status of your drawing tools to ensure the proper Object Drawing mode is selected.

Start by drawing three ovals so that they overlap. One will be the head, one will be the body and the last the tail feathers. Any unwanted lines (or strokes) can simply be deleted by single-clicking to select and pressing the delete key.

Now, let's try a wing. Start with a triangle that is close to the shape you would like.

To give the impression of feathers on the bottom edge of the wing, we will draw small lines across the wing as shown below. This segments the line into smaller pieces which may be easily manipulated.

Adjust the curves so that they are even and smooth. Delete any unwanted lines.

Pen Tool

Use the Pen Tool ( ) to create strokes that are Bezier curves. The Pen Tool allows you to create complicated shapes with curves that may be modified with a great deal of control. Anyone familiar with the Pen Tool from Adobe Illustrator will feel at home. With the Pen Tool selected, click around the outside of your desired shape everywhere you would like a point. As you click, hold and drag the mouse. Handlebars will appear that adjust the curve.

Sub-selection Tool

The Sub-selection Tool (), the white arrow, is used to adjust the points and the handlebars. This tool can be used on all stokes whether they were created with the Pen Tool or other drawing tools. All strokes are in reality Bezier Curves.

Paint Bucket Tool

The Paint Bucket ( ) adds a fill to an area enclosed inside a stroke. This stroke may be created with any tool which creates strokes: line, pencil, pen, etc.

Brush Tool

The Brush Tool () allows you to draw a fill using the fill color. The fill will not have a stroke on the outside; you may add one if you like.