Starting Flash and Opening a File

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Starting Flash and Opening a File

Starting Flash and Opening a File

When you first open Flash, you will likely see the welcome screen with the red bar at the top (shown below). This screen shows many common tasks including creating a new document, opening recently used files and using pre-built templates. It even includes links to training videos and documentation for some common items under the heading Learn.

Before creating a new Flash file, you will need to know a few things about your audience:

  • What device will they be using? (A computer or mobile device?)
  • What version of the Flash Player will you require? (ActionScript 3.0 requires Flash Player 9 or newer. The new TLF text engine requires Flash Player 10.)
  • What size will the document be? (Are you building a 200 x 600 banner ad? Should it fill the screen?)

In most cases, you will click on ActionScript 3.0 to create a new document using the default size and settings. We will examine publish settings and options in later sections.