Some Important Keyboard Shortcuts

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Some Important Keyboard Shortcuts

Some Important Keyboard Shortcuts

Many Flash developers use keyboard shortcuts to optimize workflow. Keyboard shortcuts can save you a great deal of time. More shortcuts will be introduced in later sections.

  • Move to a region of the stage: (Hold the space bar. Then, click and drag the Stage).
  • Zoom in/zoom out: (Ctrl/+ Ctrl/-).
  • Test movie (Ctrl+Enter).
  • Scrub timeline (Enter).
  • Undo (Control+z).
  • F5: Insert frames.
  • F6: Insert keyframe.
  • F7: Insert blank keyframe.
  • F8: Convert to symbol.

You may even create your own keyboard shortcuts by choosing Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts.

Note: When using TLF Text: Flash CS5 has a new text engine called Text Layout Framework or TLF. Because it is new, TLF text may only be used in the Flash Player 10.

Furthermore, when you preview or publish any file, you might receive the following warning about streaming. The file will have to wait to begin playing until the whole movie is downloaded. For now, this is no problem. However, if you do not want to see this warning each time you preview you have two options. First option, click Don't show again in the warning box.

Second option, you may change the ActionScript Settings by choosing File > ActionScript Settings and change the default linkage to Merge into code as shown below.