Previewing Your Movie - Exercise

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Previewing Your Movie - Exercise

Previewing Your Movie

Duration: 10 to 15 minutes.

In this exercise, you will learn to preview a completed Flash project. In fact, this is the project that you will build in following exercises.

In the upcoming sections of this course, you will work on many different files that relate to a Park web site you have fictitiously been assigned. The decision to use Flash for the site has been made to allow you to be very creative. Also, a very interactive site for park-goers of all ages was the desire of the client you are working for.

  1. Open the file saved as GettingStarted/solutions/Website.fla.
  2. Test the movie by selecting Control > Test Movie > Test or Ctrl+Enter (on a PC) or Command-Return (on a Mac).
  3. You will see the published SWF file. Watch the animation and click on the buttons. We will be working on the different sections of this park web site throughout this course.