Use Motion Tween to Animate Airplane - Exercise

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Use Motion Tween to Animate Airplane - Exercise

Use Motion Tween to Animate Airplane

Duration: 20 to 25 minutes.

In this exercise, you will animate an airplane with a Motion Tween. There will be two separate animations. The first shows the plane running along the runway. In the second, it is taking off.

  1. Open the file saved as BasicAnimation/exercises/Airplane.fla. It is shown below:
  2. Notice that the layer structure matches the Clouds demo. In fact, you may use your Cloud file in this exercise if you prefer.
  3. Add a new layer and name it airplane.
  4. Select the new layer and open the Library. Drag an instance of an airplane onto the first keyframe of the new layer.
  5. Single-click on the airplane instance (to select it) and add a Motion Tween (by right-clicking or choosing Insert > Motion Tween from the Menu.)
  6. Flash just added the default number of frames for a new Tween (about 24). Drag the playhead to frame 12 (or about half way to the end of the animation). Now, position the airplane about halfway across the screen (as shown below).
  7. To complete the second part of the animation (taking off), drag the play head to the last frame and reposition the airplane once again (see below).This time, position the plane in the air at the end of the timeline.
  8. When you run the movie, you might decide that it is moving too quickly. By adding more frames, the animation will take more time. For layers with tweens, you can simply drag the end of the last keyframe to some frame in the future (like frame 50). On layers without tweens, use a Control+Click and then drag the end of the last frame to a later frame.
  9. Adjust your animation until you are satisfied! Test the movie to watch your animation.

If you are done early...

  • Pull some of the other airplanes from the Library. Practice adding multiple motion tweens. Remember, each must be on its own layer.
  • Adjust the rotation of the plane after it takes off.