Improving Motion Tweens with Easing and Motion Presets - Exercise

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Improving Motion Tweens with Easing and Motion Presets - Exercise

Improving Motion Tweens with Easing and Motion Presets

Duration: 15 to 25 minutes.

In this exercise, you will improve the files you used in the last two exercises by adding Motion Tweens and Easing. Or, as an alternative, create a new blank movie to practice using the following items:

  • Motion Presets
  • Easing
  • The Motion Editor

Open BasicAnimation/exercises/Airplane.fla (or the solution version saved as BasicAnimation/solutions/Airplane.fla) to add easing.

  1. Be sure the Properties Panel is open.
  2. Click on Frame 1 of the airplane layer to select the motion tween.
  3. Open the Ease category in the Properties Panel.
  4. Change the value of Ease to -100.
  5. Test the movie and you will see the plane speed up as it starts taking off. It will pick up speed as it goes along.

Open BasicAnimation/exercises/Website.fla (or the solution version of the last exercise saved as BasicAnimation/solutions/Website.fla) and use a Motion Preset to adjust the animation.

  1. Find the first frame of the airplane animation. Single-click on it and open the Motion Editor.
  2. Scroll down to the Eases section. Click the plus to add a new Ease. Select Bounce in.
  3. Look for the X Property above in the same panel. Select the new Ease "Bounce in" for x.
  4. Test the movie. This ease might not be the appropriate since it makes the airplane fly backward part of the time.
  5. Open the Motion Editor again and click again on the Tween. This time add the ease called Simple (Fast). And, set it as the X Property.
  6. Test the movie.

If you are done early...

  • Practice with additional Easings.
  • Apply one of the Motion Presets to another existing animation.