Font - the old way

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Font - the old way

Font - the old way

Before looking at how we define font properties with CSS, we'll take a look at how it's done with plain-old HTML. In HTML, we define the font name (i.e., face in HTML, family in CSS) and the font size with the <font> tag, like so:

<font face="list of font names" size="size">

However, the <font> tag has been deprecated, meaning that it is no longer part of the HTML specification, and, although some browsers still support it, we strongly recommend that you never use it. Instead you should use CSS as we'll see in this lesson.

Bold and Italic

In HTML, you can make text bold and italic with the <strong> and <em> tags. Although these tags aren't deprecated, they should be used sparingly. Most often CSS should be used for bolding and italicizing text.