Configuring Settings

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Configuring Settings

Configuring Settings

Some of the mail server settings that can be set in ColdFusion Administrator are listed below. To modify these settings, open ColdFusion Administrator and click on the Mail menu.

Mail Server Settings

  • Mail Server - the default mail server
  • Verify Mail Server Connection - when checked, verifies that ColdFusion can connect to the mail server when the "Submit Changes" button is clicked.
  • Backup mail servers (Enterprise edition only) - a comma-delimited list of backup servers to try if the default mail server is inaccessible.
  • Maintain Connection to Mail Server (Enterprise edition only) - when checked, mail server connections are kept open after sending a mail message, which improves performance when delivering multiple messages.
  • Connection Timeout - the number of seconds to wait for a response from the mail server.
  • Server Port - usually 25.

Mail Spooling Settings

  • Spool Interval - number of seconds mail server waits to process spooled mail.
  • Mail Delivery Threads (Enterprise Edition only) - the maximum number of simultaneous threads used to deliver spooled mail.
  • Spool mail messages for delivery - when checked, mail messages are sent to the mail spooler for delivery. When unchecked, ColdFusion tries to deliver the message right away. Generally, you will want this checked.
  • Maximum number of messages spooled to memory (Enterprise Edition only) - the maximum number of messages ColdFusion MX should spool to memory before switching to disk spooling. Memory spooling is only available in the Enterprise Edition.

Mail Logging Settings

  • Error Log Severity - the severity of SMTP errors ColdFusion should log to the mail.log log.
  • Log all mail messages sent by ColdFusion - when checked, all messages are logged to the mailsent.log log (To, From, and Subject fields only).

Mail Character Set Settings

Default CFMail Charset - the character set used by the <cfmail> tag. UTF-8 for most languages.