Check for Understanding: Plan the Writing Project - Exercise

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Check for Understanding: Plan the Writing Project - Exercise

Check for Understanding: Plan the Writing Project

Duration: 5 to 10 minutes.

In this exercise, you will read the following scenario and respond to the questions at the end.

Raul and Eloise are in the break room discussing the project they have both just been assigned to.

Raul: Are you ready to get started on the quarterly report? I already have my numbers ready. It should be a snap!

Eloise: I thought Ruben was going to give us some research assignments when he finishes the initial outline of the project.

Raul: Yeah, that is what he said, but I don't think we need to do any research at all. Just submit your numbers from the last quarter. That is all he needs.

Eloise: I don't think so. From what I heard he wants to include some analysis and projections based on some of the numbers. I think I will wait and see what he needs before I send him anything.

Raul: You think so? Maybe I better think about this, too. I will wait to see what Ruben asks so I make sure he gets the information he wants, not just what I think I should send him.

  1. Why does Eloise want to wait before she sends her information to Ruben?
  2. Why does Raul think Ruben just needs numbers for the report?
  3. Why is it important to understand the scope of the report before starting to work on it?


  1. Ruben has stated he will assign research topics when he finishes the outline.
  2. It is likely that Raul had preconceived ideas about the scope of the project and decided before even attending the meeting that he already had his assignment done.
  3. The scope of the project will provide direction and help focus the information needed to complete the project.

The following presentation will provide more information on how to define the scope of a project and its importance.