Calls, Emails & Texts

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Calls, Emails & Texts

Calls, Emails & Texts

Links or buttons that open the mobile device's phone, email, or SMS-text application are easy to create. The traditional mailto: link works fine on phones, while tel: and sms: generate calls and texts, respectively:

Call, Email & Text Links
Type Markup
Phone Call <a href="tel:1-123-456-7890">Call 123-456-7890</a>
Email <a href="">Email</a>
Text Message <a href="sms:1234567890">SMS 123-456-7890</a>

Apple recommends the format 1-xxx-xxx-xxxx for US-based phone numbers.

In this quick example, we add "contact us" information for a page on the Nan & Bob's site, helpfully presented to users as three buttons - one each for calling, emailing, and texting:

call, email, text

Open IntegrationPhone/Demos/callemailtext.html to view the code and test the page on a mobile device. Note that the "call" and "text" links won't work on an iOS simulator.

Code Sample:


We present each link as a button (with class ui-btn), using tel: for the phone button, mailto: for the email button, and sms: for the text button.