Twitter for Support

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Twitter for Support

Twitter for Support

For customer service and support, there are two considerations:

  1. Do you want to respond to customer support-related questions and issues? If so, a policy would need to be designed so all employees know the proper way to address these tweets.
  2. Do you want to spend the time to search on Twitter for users posting about support-related issues and take the initiative to directly respond to them?

Some larger companies have found Twitter a good tool for providing support and have even set up specific support-orientated Twitter accounts. See the example below from AT&T's support account.

An important consideration for posting on Twitter is the tendency to post quickly without considering the implications or to respond differently from how you would if you were speaking to the customer face-to-face. Consider the following customer complaint:

An employee initially responded with:

After a backlash, the company tweeted:

Why do you think this series of tweets received so much attention?