Pinterest for SEO

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Pinterest for SEO

Pinterest for SEO

By creating original pins, meaning content originating from your business's Pinterest page, creates what is called a backlink. Each time that pin is then pinned and re-pinned, it creates a link to the original website, a backlink.

The following is a pin on one of Target's Pinterest boards.

When a user clicks this pin, it leads to the following, Target's website, where the shoes can be purchased.

Another SEO tip for using Pinterest involves the boards, which organize the pins. It is important to create specific boards for different products or services.

In the following screenshot, you can see some of grocery chain Wegmans' boards, which are specific, such as Gluten Free, Asian Recipes, and Stir-Fry. Currently, Wegmans is using 32 different boards to display its pins.

Another way to increase SEO is to make sure that captions on pins are including keywords. Pinterest allows 500 characters per caption. Be sure to use keyword-rich descriptions.