LinkedIn for Sales

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LinkedIn for Sales

LinkedIn for Sales

From a sales perspective, there are three main opportunities:

  1. Simply promote your latest company offerings through your company profile.
  2. Search on LinkedIn Groups and Answers for customers who have pain points that match your company offers and respond to them with an offer.
  3. Run a paid ad campaign on LinkedIn.

Consider the opportunity of finding people who have related pain points and check out the screenshot below from a LinkedIn group.

In the example, this user is looking for advice on online education. If your company filled this niche, an employee could respond with relevant resources to check out. If it's a large discussion, the employee could offer a product, and everyone else on the discussion would see that response.

The other sales opportunity to discuss is LinkedIn Ads. This is another PPC or PPM tool that is available. Similar to Facebook ads, you can target your ideal customer. Consider the screenshot below:

In the example shown, you can see all of the targeting opportunities that are available. You can see that we chose to target only members of the "Social Media Today" group.