Reading Reports

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Reading Reports

Reading Reports

Let's go through an overview of how Google Analytics works, the navigation of the platform, and the ways to read the analytics reports.

Getting Started with Google Analytics

Accessing Google Analytics

You can access the Google Analytics home page at the following web address:

You will need a Google username in order to use Google Analytics. If you already have a Gmail account, you can use your Gmail username. If you want to create a new Google username for the analytics service, you can do so by clicking the SIGN IN TO GOOGLE ANALYTICS link shown in the screenshot below, and then on the next screen, clicking Sign Up:

To access the Google Analytics service for the examples in this course, click the Access Analytics button and sign in.

Google Analytics Sign Up Page

After you log in with your credentials, you will see the Account Home page. This page acts as a home screen from where you can access different setup options.

You can return to the Home page at any time by selecting the Home tab in the upper-left corner. Account Home

Creating New Accounts under Google Analytics

In prior releases of Google Analytics, you could create 25 different accounts under a single Google username. For the current release, the concept of web properties has been introduced, allowing you to manage multiple websites from a single account.

To create a new account:

  1. Select the Admin link. The Account Administration page opens. Creating New Account Google Analytics Setting Page
  2. Click the ACCOUNT pull-down button and select Create new account. The Create New Account form loads.
  3. In the General Information section, provide the account name and website URL. Be sure to designate the appropriate country and time zone. Complete the Data Sharing Settings section and read and agree to the terms and conditions in the User Agreement section.
  4. After you complete the form, click Get Tracking ID at the bottom of the page.