Facebook for Branding

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Facebook for Branding

Facebook for Branding

Facebook offers multiple ways to engage with current and prospective customers. An internal decision will need to be made on how your company's brand will be showcased on Facebook.

Some companies prefer focusing on entertainment and lighter messaging. Check out this screenshot from Coca-Cola's Facebook wall. Most of their posts and interaction lean toward the fun side of the brand.

For an alternate view, check out this screenshot from Dell's Facebook wall. They take more of a promotional approach and share related product content.

Overall, it is important to keep your brand in a positive light. Some studies recommend having some fun on Facebook, but this decision must be an internal one. For example, if you are a very serious company, you might want to stick with that brand image even on Facebook.

Another main point to consider is how you will handle negative feedback. All companies are vulnerable to this, some more than others. The public perception is that social media pages, especially Facebook, allow customers a voice into the company. We'll talk about this more later in the customer support and policy lessons.

Using Facebook as Company

Another brand engagement tool Facebook has recently released is the ability to log in as your company. This feature now allows you to respond to wall posts on your company page as well as other company pages. The fun part is that this features adds a voice to your company's social media presence.

See the screenshot below for this setting: Once you change over to your company, you, in essence, are your company profile. You can now post away and your company will show up as the poster.