Developing a Social Media Plan

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Developing a Social Media Plan

Developing a Social Media Plan

When developing a social media plan, here are some overarching considerations:

  1. Determine which employee(s) will be responsible for both your social media efforts and for owning the social media plan. In smaller companies, this will probably be the same person.
  2. Set goals. It is important that you are clear as to the purpose of your social media campaign.
  3. Make sure you have all of the tools and processes complete before sharing with everyone. The team needs to be clear as to what the expectations and rules are so there is no confusion.

A great example of what should be included with your plan is from Mike Sweeney of He lists these top ten items to include in any social media plan:

  1. Baseline metrics
  2. Competitor benchmarks
  3. Goals and objectives
  4. Naming strategy
  5. Staffing plan
  6. Content calendar
  7. Partner integration
  8. The ideas!
  9. Examples
  10. Reports and analysis