Choosing Tools and Services

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Choosing Tools and Services

Choosing Tools and Services

We have mentioned numerous tools in the previous lessons. The following table includes additional social media planning tools that are worth learning about.

Tool Website Tool Overview A social media search engine that searches user-generated content such as blogs, comments, bookmarks, events, news, videos, and micro-blogging services for keywords of your choice and then sends email alerts. Yoono allows you to see your social site feeds all in one location, directly from your browser or desktop. You can then share this content with all your social networks and instant messaging services. InboxQ makes it easy to find people who have questions about your business, products or general industry on Twitter. Real-time search for the social web with the ability to create email alerts and get RSS feeds. This is also another resource for searching for relevant hashtags on Twitter. With Nutshell Mail, you can receive all your Facebook and Twitter updates through one single email account (setup is free).

When it comes to your overall social media plan, it is important to decide which tools your company will support and make sure all employees use the same tools. Most social media tools allow for collaboration among team members.

Google Alerts

We recommend you sign up for Google Alerts and set an alert for your company name. This will provide you with daily alerts when your company name is mentioned on popular websites. The screenshot below highlights one day's web alerts for AT&T: