Blogging for Support

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Blogging for Support

Blogging for Support

When we consider blogging for support and customer service, there's one main tip: Seek opportunities to solve your customers' problems by providing the solutions via a blog. You can then offer the blog posts as resources to other customers with the same issues.

Customer support teams should also be prepared to respond to questions/comments/complaints that are posted on your company blog.

When blogging for customer service and support, your posts should follow the same customer service rules that you would follow in all situations:

  1. Be attentive and responsive. Take ownership of your blog posts. Think of the comment section as a place for conversation.
  2. Smile. Yes, you can smile in a blog post. Don't be afraid to convey a positive tone in your posts. If the post addresses a problem or potentially negative situation, convey an empathetic and helpful tone in your messaging.
  3. Be honest. Customers appreciate honesty. Always let them know you are working hard on their behalf and are doing everything you can to support them.
  4. Appreciate feedback. People love having a voice, so give it to them. Encourage them to comment on your blogs. You can even include their thoughts and messages in a post (while protecting their identity).