Blogging for Sales

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Blogging for Sales

Blogging for Sales

Let's consider sales opportunities that are available within your blogs. There are two main components we're going to cover:

  1. Providing the proper free content that your customers need with the thought that they will remember your content when making their next purchasing decision.
  2. Having sales promotional material and calls to action within your blog entries.

Free Content

First up, desired free content. This will be specific to your business, so throw on your customer hat and consider what content you might be searching for when you're looking for a product/service that your company might offer. For example, if you're an application developer and you've just designed the latest word processing app for iPads, why not offer your list of benefits, but as a review of your product? Of course, you'll want to start with a disclaimer clearly stating that you are reviewing an application you developed yourself, something like:

I love my iPad, but I didn't like any of the word processing apps that were available for it, so I decided to build my own: Polygon Word Processor. I am pretty proud of the app, so I thought I'd give it a nice review. Here it is.

Then you tout the benefits and end the article with:

Of course, you can't trust a review of someone's own work, so please try it yourself and then come back and let me know what you think.

Your blog title could be Polygon iPad Word Processing App Review. In this example, your goal is to reach potential customers who are either searching for your specific app, or for customers looking for reviews on any word processing app for the iPad.

Promotion and Calls to Action

Now, let's discuss how to add sales content directly in your blogs. Below are three recommended ways to drive sales from your blog posts:

Sales Content Opportunities
Opportunity Description
Blog Page Wrap Within your blog page, you have the ability to design a page template, and have some promotion on top, on the side panels, and/or on the bottom. What task might you want a blog reader to perfom? For example, maybe you simply want to get them into your email database. In this case, you could have a call-to-action along the right side panel encouraging them to sign up. The same concept could be applied to promoting your social media properties.
Banner Ads You have another opportunity directly within the actual content of your blog entry. You can embed a call-to-action in the form of a banner ad in the middle of your entry. For example, if your blog entry is promoting a new add-on for one of your products, you could embed an ad within your post encouraging the user to take action: "Buy now at a special rate," "Access the free trial," "Save time and money." "Get our new add-on."
Call-to-Action Links Similar to the above idea of banner ads, you could include the same call-to-action in a more discrete way, in the form of a link versus a banner ad. Possibly at the bottom of your post, you can offer some links to your product/service pages that are tied to the content of the blog.