Blogging for Branding

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Blogging for Branding

Blogging for Branding

Blogging provides your company an ideal opportunity to build your brand through sharing content related to your products and services. Users may find your blog posts through search engines, social media, blog aggregators, or a variety of other ways. If they stumble upon one of your posts and find it intriguing, there is a possibility they will navigate to your main blog portal and peruse through your other posts as well. They may even decide to become a regular subscriber to your blog.

A main goal of blogging is to become a content leader in your industry. Beyond reaping any SEO or promotional benefits, you want to be the go-to source for customers looking for content related to the products and services you offer.

A perfect use of blogging for branding is Sharpie. They've developed the Sharpie Blog, which highlights people's creative projects using Sharpies. The blog is an entertaining resource that undoubtedly brings back return visitors. Take a look at the screenshot below:

On the flip side, Google's official blog maintains a captive audience using a more serious tone. They invite employees from across the company to post product updates and company news, resulting in a unique voice and perspective for each post. Consider how you might engage your target audience within your blog(s).

Five Blogging Tips

  1. Write timely posts. Incorporate news, trends, and stats that relate to the product or service that you are writing about.
  2. Break up long posts. Divide a long post into smaller sections or create a list if you are making a lot of points in one article.
  3. Include multimedia. Use video, photos, infographics, or audio to present your content whenever possible.
  4. Don't oversell. Don't focus entirely on selling your products or services. If your blog feels like an advertisement, no one will want to read it! Make sure you are including lots of useful tips and resources.
  5. Diversify the voices on your blog. Interview experts, write question-answer style posts, and invite guest bloggers. Readers generally find new voices refreshing, but make sure that the overall mission of your blog is still being followed.