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If your company offers a product or service that involves enough user interest where they have started local and online groups, and user group sponsorships are a great marketing tool.

On Meetup, groups connect online and then meet locally at regular intervals to discuss their related topics of choice. Companies will sponsor their groups through a cash investment or a product giveaway for their meetings. Check out the screenshot below:

The image above shows the list of sponsors that are supporting one group. These sponsors receive exposure on the group's page (with possibly some SEO benefit), and usually, exposure at the physical group's meetings as well. So, is another opportunity for exposure for your company.

Similar to, if your company offers a product or service that involves enough user interest to gather groups of people, you might consider sponsoring user groups.

If your potential user groups are large enough, they may have a stand-alone group website. And by sponsoring their group with either a cash investment or product donation(s), you will get exposure on their website. Consider the screenshot below:

This example is from a computer user group that Webucator sponsors by offering free training certificates to give away at the user group's meetings. You'll notice the SEO opportunity here because the group is providing a desirable text link while sharing Webucator's support with their members.

When possible, always request text links versus a logo in exchange for your sponsorship. They are better for SEO.