Discovering New Opportunities - Exercise

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Discovering New Opportunities - Exercise

Discovering New Opportunities

Duration: 15 to 25 minutes.

In this exercise, you will discover additional opportunities for promoting your products and services.

Consider the opportunities discussed in this lesson. From the resources listed below, come up with one or two ideas for promoting your product.

  1. Webinars: Develop a webinar topic that would be helpful to your clients while promoting a new product.
  2. Blog Talk Radio: Develop an idea for a talk radio show. What news and issues will you address?
  3. Question/Answer Sites: Which topics will you target?
  4. Social Bookmarking Sites: Which blog topics would be most popular on these sites? Are there already related article topics featured on these sites?
  5. Document Sharing Sites: Does your company have catalogs, eBooks, or presentations that might be popular on these sites? Would it be helpful to your clients to make certain presentations available on these sites?