Using Styles

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Using Styles

Using Styles

The Styles commands are located on the Home tab. Styles Commands on the Home Tab

About Styles

Styles in Microsoft Word are sets of formatting instructions. There are three reasons to use Styles:

  1. Save time. Applying a style is faster than applying multiple formats (bold, italic, color, font, font size, etc.), especially if you need to do so repeatedly.
  2. Consistency. Applying styles makes it easy to use consistent formatting throughout your document.
  3. Advanced Features of Word Rely on Styles. Advanced features of Microsoft Word, such as adding a table of contents to your document, rely on styles.

There are two types of styles:

  1. Paragraph Styles. Paragraph styles apply to the whole paragraph.
  2. Character Styles. Character styles apply to a set of characters (usually a word or phrase, but can be individual characters) within a paragraph.

Applying Paragraph Styles

To apply a paragraph style in Microsoft Word:

  1. Place your cursor within the paragraph to which you wish to apply a paragraph style.
  2. Select the style from the Styles group on the HOME tab.

Applying Character Styles

To apply a character style in Microsoft Word:

  1. Select the text to which you wish to apply a character style.
  2. Select the style from the Styles group on the HOME tab.

Changing Document Style Sets

The Word style sets are located in the Styles group of the HOME tab.

Word Style Sets

To change style sets, simply click to select a new style and apply it.

Creating Quick Styles

To add a Quick Style in Microsoft Word:

  1. Select text within your document.
  2. Format the text as desired for your new Quick Style.
  3. Click the drop-down arrow in the Styles group. Drop-Down Arrow in Styles Group
  4. Select Create a Style. In Microsoft Word 2007 or 2010, select Save Selection as a New Quick Style. Create a Style
  5. In the dialog box that appears, name your new Quick Style. Create New Style from Formatting Dialog Box
  6. Click OK.
  7. Note that your new Quick Style now appears in the Styles group. New Quick Style in Style Group