Setting Margins

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Setting Margins

Setting Margins

To set margins in Microsoft Word:

  1. From the FILE menu, select Print. In Microsoft Word 2007, this option is not available from the Print section, so on the Ribbon, select the PAGE LAYOUT tab and in the Page Setup group, select Margins (you can also use this method in Microsoft Word 2010 and 2013).Print from File Menu Margins in Layout
  2. Select Normal Margins. Normal MarginsNote that Normal is highlighted as by default all margins are set to one inch. However, other options are available, including the option to set your own Custom Margins.
  3. To choose a different existing option, select one of the available options: Margin OptionsClick the FILE menu again or press the Escape key to get back to your document. In Microsoft Word 2007, click away from the menu to get back to your document.
  4. To set your own margins:
    1. Select Custom Margins. Custom Margins
    2. Set your top, left, bottom and right margins:Page Setup Margins
    3. Set the gutter and gutter position if desired. The gutter is used to create extra space for documents you intend to bind. The gutter position can be set to Left or Top.
    4. Click OK.
    5. Click the FILE menu again or press Escape to get back to your document.

To access more page setup options, select the PAGE LAYOUT tab of the Ribbon and then use the Page Setup group. Page Setup Group in Layout Tab

Here, you can set options for page orientation, page size, and so on. You can also work with margins from this group.