Adding Page Numbers

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Adding Page Numbers

Adding Page Numbers

To add page numbers to a Microsoft Word document:

  1. From the Header & Footer group on the INSERT tab, select Page Number. Page Number from Header and Footer Group of Insert Tab
  2. Choose to locate the page numbers in one of the following positions:
    1. Top of Page. The page number will appear in the Header.
    2. Bottom of Page. The page number will appear in the Footer.
    3. Page Margins. The page number will appear in the left or right Margin.
    4. Current Position. The page number will appear in the current location of the cursor:Page Number Options
  3. Choose the format and exact location for page numbers from the options that appear:Page Number Format and Location Options
  4. Note that Word has opened the DESIGN tab under HEADER & FOOTER TOOLS (called simply Header & Footer in Microsoft Word 2007) and that the Header or Footer is now the active area of your page. To get back into the body of your document, double-click in the body of your document or select Close Header and Footer. Close Header and Footer

Note: To delete or customize existing page numbers, double-click on the number in the Header, Footer or Margin, and then make the changes you wish to make. Changes you make on one page will affect every page in the document.