Using the Clipboard

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Using the Clipboard

Using the Clipboard

The Clipboard Group

The Clipboard group, located on the HOME tab, contains four commands:

  1. Cut. Use the Cut command to cut a selection from your document. The cut selection is saved on the Clipboard for use elsewhere - either in the current document or another one.
  2. Copy. Use the Copy command to copy a selection to the Clipboard for use elsewhere - either in the current document or another one.
  3. Paste. Use the Paste command to paste a selection from the Clipboard to the location in your document where you want it.
  4. Format Painter. Use the Format Painter to copy the format from one section of your document and apply it to another section of your document.
    1. Single-click the Format Painter command to copy the format for a single paste.
    2. Double-click the Format Painter command to make it "sticky" so you can apply the format to multiple selections.

Clipboard in the Home Tab

Copying and Pasting Text

You can use the Copy and Paste commands in the Clipboard group to copy and paste text, or you can use keyboard shortcuts:

  • Copy: Press Ctrl+C.
  • Paste: Press Ctrl+V.

The Office Clipboard Task Pane

The Office Clipboard is a task pane available to you in Word. When you open the Office Clipboard, Word keeps track of what you cut or copy (up to 24 entries). This allows you paste items in a different order, or paste items after you've cut or copied other items. The Office Clipboard only accumulates items while Word is open. The items are not preserved between sessions.Office Clipboard

You open the Office Clipboard Task Pane by clicking on the Dialog Box Launcher in the lower right hand corner of the Clipboard group.Office Clipboard


A useful feature when checking spelling and grammar is Word's AutoCorrect feature. When Word indicates a word in a document may be misspelled or incorrect, with a squiggle under it, you can right-click the word to see suggestions. If a suggestion is correct, simply select it to replace the word.

Misspelled Word with Suggestions