Formatting a Table - Exercise

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Formatting a Table - Exercise

Formatting a Table

Duration: 5 to 15 minutes.

In this exercise, you will add a column to a table, align the text in cells within a table, and otherwise format the table to improve its look and feel.

  1. Open or go to Plants in my yard - Intermediate.docx.
  2. Further customize the table you worked on in the prior exercise so that it looks like the picture below: Customized Table
  3. Save the document as we will continue to build on this document in future exercises.


  1. Place your cursor in the right-most column of the table and in the TABLE TOOLS LAYOUT tab, locate the Rows & Columns group and click Insert Right: Insert Right
  2. Type "Keep Tree in Yard?" in the top right cell: Formatted Table
  3. Select the cells in the body of the table and click Align Top Center: Align Top Center
  4. With the cells still selected, go to the HOME tab and in the Font group, click the Font Color drop-down arrow and select red: Select Color from Font Color Drop-Down
  5. Select the cells in the left most column and go to the TABLE TOOLS DESIGN tab and in the Borders group, click Borders and select Right Border: Right Border
  6. Save the document.