Using Shapes

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Using Shapes

Using Shapes

You can easily add a wide variety of shapes to your Microsoft Word documents, including squares, circles, stars, arrows, smiley faces, lines, equation shapes, callouts, and more. To insert a shape into a Microsoft Word document:

  1. From the INSERT tab, in the Illustrations group, click Shapes:
  2. Select a shape by clicking on it:
  3. Your cursor will change to a plus sign:
  4. Click down in your document where you would like to place the shape, drag your mouse until the shape is the size you want it to be and then release your mouse.

Selecting a shape in Word brings up the DRAWING TOOLS FORMAT tab (this tab will look different in Word 2007/2010):

Watch and follow along as your instructor walks you through some of the more commonly used commands on the Drawing Tools tab.

Positioning Shapes

To position shapes:

  1. After inserting the shape, click it to select it.
  2. With the cursor as a four-pointed arrow, click and drag to position the shape.

Wrapping Text Around Shapes

To wrap text around shapes:

  1. With the shape selected, select the Layout Options icon.
  2. Select a text-wrapping option.