Creating Captions

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Creating Captions

Creating Captions

You may want to add captions to your Word elements. You can add captions to tables, figures, and images, and then customize those captions.

To add a caption to an image:

  1. Right-click the image and select Insert Caption. Insert Caption
  2. In the Caption dialog box, type the caption in the Caption: text box.
  3. Select a Label. To exclude a label, select the Exclude label from caption checkbox.
  4. Select where to position the caption from the Position drop-down list. Click OK to insert the caption. Caption Dialog Box

Changing Caption Formats

You can change caption formats when adding them in Word using the options in the Caption dialog box.

  1. To exclude the label in the caption, select the Exclude label from caption check box.
  2. To change position of the caption, select options in the Position drop-down list.

Caption Dialog Box

Using Cross-References

You can use cross-references to refer to figures in your documents, so that if the figure numbers change, this information will automatically update.

To create a cross-reference:

  1. Put your cursor where you want the cross-reference to appear.
  2. From the REFERENCES tab, in the Captions group, select Cross-reference. Cross-Reference in Captions Group of References Tab
  3. In the Cross-reference dialog box, select the reference type and other options. Cross-Reference Dialog Box
  4. In the For which caption section, select the item you want to reference and select Insert. Cross-Reference Dialog Box