Multiple Windows

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Multiple Windows

Multiple Windows

It is sometimes beneficial to view two different parts of the same document at the same time. The two easiest ways to do this are:

  1. To split the window the document is in.
  2. To add a new window and then arrange the windows such that you can view them sidy by side.

You can also arrange windows to view multiple different documents at the same time.

Splitting a Window to View Different Parts of One Document in One Window

Splitting a window enables you to view different parts of one document at one time. To split a window:

  1. From the VIEW tab in the Window group, click Split: Split in Window Group of View Tab
  2. The split line will appear in the center of your document. Click your mouse to accept that position or move your mouse up or down before clicking to change the location.
  3. Place your cursor above and below the split line and experiment with scrolling each section independently.
  4. Click Remove Split to get rid of the split line: Remove Split

Open a Second Window to View one Document in Two Windows

It is possible to have the same document open in two different windows at the same time. You can then view them side by side, which makes it easy to see different parts of the document at the same time. Depending on what you are trying to accomplish, this is often more efficient than splitting the document. To view your document in two windows simultaneously:

  1. From the VIEW tab in the Window group, click New Window: New Window in Window Group of View Tab
  2. To view the two windows side by side, click View Side by Side: View Side by Side
  3. Changes you make in either window will also appear in the other window. To get back to one window, simply close one of the windows.

Arranging Windows such that All Open Windows get Equal Screen Space

If you have multiple documents or windows of one document open and want to view all at the same time, you can easily do so:

  1. From the VIEW tab in the Window group, click Arrange All: Arrange All in Window Group of View Tab
  2. To maximize one of the windows, simply click the Maximize box in the upper right corner of the window: Maximize Box
  3. To change the way the windows are laid out on your screen, simply drag the windows to the size you want.