Visualizing Your Data

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Visualizing Your Data

Visualizing Your Data

It is often useful to visualize data, and it's easy to do so in Excel using charts. The most commonly used chart types are:

  1. Column. Column charts are commonly used to compare values of different items.
  2. Line. Line charts are commonly used to show trends.
  3. Pie. Pie charts are useful when you have only one set of data and want to show how much of the whole each item accounts for.
  4. Bar. Bar charts are similar to column charts except that the bars are displayed horizontally instead of vertically.
  5. Area. Area charts are similar to line trends in that they show trends, but the data is stacked, making it easy to compare different values over time.
  6. Scatter. Scatter charts are used to display two variables, one along the X-axis and one on the Y-axis, for a single set of data.

In the activities that follow, you will learn more about the charts available in Excel.